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Internet marketing services Internet marketing services
Internet marketing services
Precision marketing and digital operation
Build a digital economy ecosystem and integrate online and offline resources, with "technology + industry + ecosystem" as the core, to provide comprehensive digital operation and marketing services for enterprises and users, based on over 20 years of data accumulation in the supply chain industry by Eternal Asia Group.
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Provide targeted solutions based on specific needs
Expand multiple channels for brand owners
Establish an omnichannel sales matrix covering not only well-known public platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, and Tiktok, but also private social malls and offline retail stores to assist brands in channel expansion.
Marketing Services
Provide and implement sales-oriented marketing strategies. Focus on brand and product strategies to explore potential customers and achieve sales growth, through various e-commerce strategies, media placement, content operation, big data marketing, etc.
Provide traffic and personnel support for cross-platform cooperation
Integrate existing channel resources and combine with external MCN, agency operators, and other channel resources to expand the traffic pool for traffic sharing. Provide marketing partners and operators to support sales and achieve sales fission.
Digital operation services
Build digital platforms and provide digital tools to help partners and operators realize sales fission. Integrate channel data and utilize data to drive marketing.
Integrate online and offline resources to provide a full range of digital operations and marketing services
Assist brands in expanding channels and enhancing consumer identity.
Brand Supply Channel
Connect the brands with the channels. With supply chain services as the basis and digitization as a means, we aim to help brands gain access to omnichannel supply featuring one-click listing, one-click coverage, and one-click marketing, and build a sales channel that combines online and offline resources, to comprehensively enhance supply chain efficiency, improve consumer experience, strengthen brand personality and value through a one-stop digital comprehensive solution platform for brands.
Internet marketing
Select high-quality brands and provide high-quality services for users, enhance interaction with users, and upgrade their service experience.
Cooperation in three aspects
Cooperation on existing products
Cooperation on existing products

"Reach cooperation with brands on existing products.

Multi-channel exposure, supported by marketing plans."

Exclusively operated products
Exclusively operated products

The brand authorizes exclusive channel operation right and supplies products exclusively for a certain channel. Improve the scarcity of platform products, and introduce policies to support exclusively operated products.

New product development
New product development

Create a new product line that meets consumers' needs in the new era, with the support of massive and solid sales data, and the help of online operation and innovation capabilities.

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