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Build an inclusive and symbiotic supply chain

Business Ecosystem

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Build an inclusive and symbiotic supply chain

Business Ecosystem

Dedicated to inspiring supply chain thinking in China and promoting supply chain to change China

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We wholeheartedly provide you with the following services

Business Consultation: Provide consultation and promotion services for the company's business and products, as well as guidance on services provided before, during, and after sales 

Complaints and Suggestions: Collect and accept complaints and suggestions from customers; Solve problems encountered by customers, provide timely feedback to customers, and optimize related work processes;

Supervision and Management: Supervise and manage departments and individuals in the company involved in customer complaints, and keep track of subsequent handling;

Emergency Liaison: Responsible for emergency liaison in the event of emergency matters encountered by customers or other emergencies; Other services.

Time: Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) 9:00-12:00 13:00-18:00

Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
Building 1, Eternal Asia Integrated Supply Chain Base, No. 3 Lilang Road, Nanwan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
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Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
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Risk warning:

Recently, some criminals have fraudulently used or forged the "Eternal Asia" website to commit malicious fraud by provoking customers to transfer, recharge, or place fraudulent orders.

We hereby solemnly declare that:

1. Please identify our official channels: Official website:, WeChat public account: Eternal Asia, and Blue V-certified accounts of Eternal Asia on social platforms.

2. Our company has not authorized or used any other website, APP, WeChat Official Account, WeChat Mini Program, or other online forms to engage in any recharge on website, placement of fraudulent orders, and other activities in the name of "Eternal Asia". Any invitation to recharge on the website and place fraudulent orders in the name of our company constitutes a fraud. If you find suspicious information and are unable to identify whether it is true, you can directly call or leave a message to our company for verification!

National customer service hotline 0755-88393399

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