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Procurement services for governments and enterprises Procurement services for governments and enterprises
Procurement services for governments and enterprises

Compliant and efficient, with direct access to high-quality suppliers to achieve leadership in overall cost of procurement and supply services

The procurement and supply services for governments and enterprises, which are supported by the strong supply chain of Eternal Asia and rely on localized business implementation teams nationwide, center on comprehensive material supply chain services for government and enterprise customers such as central state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, governments, financial institutions, and public institutions.
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Comprehensively undertake procurement and supply services for government and enterprise customers
Platform-based operation
Platform-based operation of project management
Localized suppliers & business partners (individuals & enterprises) rely on platforms to attract traffic to their projects
Digitalization empowers platform-based operation
Realize visual node control in product sourcing, supplier management, product library establishment, financial reconciliation, and other links
Intelligent middleground system empowers platform-based operation
Order processing/settlement; Empower procurement and supply demand tracking, e-commerce services, and other aspects through the ever-improving middleground system, to reduce costs and increase efficiency
Supply chain services empower platform-based operation
Empower business partners (enterprises) and provide supply chain financial support with controllable risks based on platforms for SMEs
Product-oriented operation
Product channel sharing
Take industry customers as samples, to promote channel products in specific industries and share channel resources
Product channel expansion
Take industry customers as samples, to promote channel products in specific industries and share channel resources
Product channel management
Market control, order management, supply management, price management, promotion support, after-sales support, and training support
Product terminal marketing
Product demand management, utilizing Eternal Asia's internal advantageous resources (domestic agency products) to integrate popular products on government and enterprise platforms
“1+N” operation model
The "1+N" operation model utilizes the list of core commodities to provide products for upstream and downstream enterprises, to obtain more supply chain resources.
Key brands
1= 1 core enterprise in the supply chain

"1" refers to a powerful key account, which is a core enterprise in the key links of the supply chain business.

Fortune Global 500: Top three enterprises in the industry (including the top five in the industries, the top three in industry segments, enterprises with the potential to grow rapidly to rank among the top three in industries, as well as strategic customers and enterprises to be "invested in, financed, and incubated" that have been evaluated by the company)

Supply chain operation
Sales promotion
Channel innovation
Marketing Innovation
Product innovation
Brand distributors
N= Multiple (N) upstream and downstream enterprises of the core enterprise

The upstream suppliers or downstream distributors of the "1" core enterprise, including the core enterprise's original channels and channels that are supplemented and improved with the help of Eternal Asia.

Product architecture optimizes the supplier system
Product architecture optimizes the supplier system
Project resources Cooperation mode
Bid support
Bid support
Bidding agency services, including the preparation of project bidding documents, on-site bid opening, technology presentations, and support for authorization qualifications (commodity authorization, project performance authorization) for government and enterprise platforms, etc.
Agency project operation
Agency project operation
Provide agency operation services for shortlisted (winning) projects. Project performance and order execution can be achieved through the government and enterprise platforms, or the projects can be entrusted to the government and enterprise platforms for agency operation.
Undertake existing business
Undertake existing business
The business to undertake can include expansion of localized market for the projects, fulfillment of sales orders of the projects, logistics distribution, and commodity resource supply services, etc.
Export the sales chain of competitive products to end customers, cooperate with six major product platforms, and promote brand/product placement.
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