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Digital services for enterprises Digital services for enterprises
Digital services for enterprises

Experts in supply chain management system

Build collaborative intelligent supply chain for enterprises

Centering on core enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises, we undertake informationization services for enterprises throughout the supply chain from office automation, order management, warehousing and distribution, financial accounting, Internet +, and mobile applications, and help customers optimize the supply chain structure, improve supply chain efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance core competitiveness, by fully understanding the needs in the industries and utilizing strong product research and development strength.
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Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through intelligent management
Management consulting services
Platform-based operation of project management

Means to improve HR efficiency ratio in the industry

Document flow, fund flow, and information flow

Diagnosis of the operation of the distribution industry

Sorting of commercial affairs and business processes

Financial management upgrading

Control of warehousing and distribution costs

Information-based tools assist in enterprises’ development

Service provider
E-commerce merchant
Channel partner
Management consulting services
Informationization promotes the streamlining of business processes

Documentation of businesses

Process control

Improvement of cost and expense efficiency

Management of purchase, sale and inventory

Informatization is the foundation of promoting management

Data analysis

Business support

Business development

Eternal Asia's digital platforms for enterprises ,A better choice for supply chain management
Industry Experience
Industry Experience
With over 20 years of experience in self-developed EPR products and application, and a deep understanding of concerns and opportunities in the industry.
Brand Capabilities
Brand Capabilities
Collaborate with Eternal Asia to serve more than 300 upstream and downstream cooperative companies of P&G, L'Oréal, etc.
Benchmarking Services
Benchmarking Services
Have the largest commodity database in the FMCG industry, and aim to provide solutions for the industry and build cloud product centers.
Have strategic partners such as SAP, a supply chain service platform at CCB Head Office, Enterprise WeChat, Alibaba Cloud, and Hand.
Architecture of supply chain digital products
Architecture of supply chain digital products
Assists enterprise customers in digital transformation
Improvement of marketing capabilities
Able to identify concerns in the industry and propose development directions and marketing priorities for products in relevant market segments, to make explosive breakthroughs
Improvement of product design capabilities
Design simple and easy-to-use products that meet user needs and address their concerns
Improvement of development capabilities
Skilled in development, and able to quickly respond to the demands and changes in the industry and market, and quickly upgrade relevant industry products
Improvement of implementation and operation and maintenance capabilities
Help users quickly master the ability to use the system, and provide timely guidance during their use
Trusted and chosen by 500+ large groups and enterprises
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