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Medical Care Medical Care
Medical Care

Create a comprehensive pharmaceutical platform integrating

pharmaceutical R&D, production and sales; Medical SPD: Create a medical

SPD supply chain management system

Eternal Asia’s medical platforms strive to satisfy partners, upstream brand enterprises, and downstream terminals with "comprehensive channels, full-range services, and omnichannel marketing", which is the foundation of Eternal Asia’s medical platforms. And multi-party trust is the basis for strategic cooperation of the partner alliance!

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Self-owned brands of Eternal AsiaMedical Platforms
Create a bright future of shared prosperity

Allied pharmaceutical companies

Brand pharmaceutical companies



EA Medical Cloud APP
Marketing + Fission

Marketing Partner


Provincial level pharmaceutical
Commercial carrier
Distribution + Marketing

Direct Supply

Eternal Asia’s Medical Platforms

Integrate terminals

Primary Terminal: Hospital
Secondary Terminal: Pharmacy
Tertiary Terminal: Clinic

Medical platform coverage

National coverage of key provinces and regions

National coverage of key provinces and regions

Service value of medical platforms

Serve the upstream, collaborate with the downstream, and solve industry concerns for both the upstream and downstream

Upstream industry
existing business
Supplement incremental business
Complementary credit
Comprehensive channels
Complete network supply chain
Digital marketing services
Flat organization
Medical Platforms
Downstream customer concerns
Output superior varieties
Supply chain Efficiency
Brand scale Influence
Refined operation Empowerment by strategies

Digital brand engine

New marketing pattern of pharmaceutical companies in response to digital economy

Digital brand engine

Digital brand engine

Pharmaceutical SPD supply chain

Build a pharmaceutical supply chain platform

Focus on the integration of pharmaceutical resources and supply chain services and products, as well as resources on the upstream and downstream of the industry

Provide standardized regulatory data for the government

Standardize pharmaceutical distribution and traceability management through technologies such as blockchain, AI, big data analysis, and cloud computing, to provide data support for the regulation and decision-making by governments

Empower the lean operation and management of medical institutions

Provide lean operation and management solutions for medicines, consumables, and logistics in hospitals, to assist in the digital transformation and high-quality development of hospitals.

Shared marketing for terminal fission "One-click coverage”


View regional distribution across the country through one click
Branch out into a new area through one click


Share Eternal Asia’s million-level marketing system,
Share the three-level warehousing and distribution system on platforms


Differentiated operation model for each store

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